Cell phones have become an important part of the life of any modern citizen. They are constantly developing and nearly everybody owns one due to their affordability and convenience. However, the fact that almost everyone has a smartphone leads to some problems – for example, many students use their mobile phones to cheat on their exams. However, some companies have found a solution for these problems – mobile phone jammers. A mobile phone jamming device basically blocks the signals emitted by mobile phones and disrupts the signals.

Mobile phone blockers have been around for many years as well and they are frequently used in schools, universities, prisons and other places where the use of mobile phones must be entirely prohibited from time to time. These devices are very convenient, because they are rather small and they offer different functions and characteristics depending on their model. On the market you can find desktop and portable mobile phone  zappers which are equally effective, but have one main difference. The desktop mobile phone zapper can be directly connected to the electrical network and it can work for years while the portable mobile phone blocker has limited battery life. However, the portable frequency blocker can be used absolutely anywhere and this makes it the perfect choice for people who travel a lot and frequently need to disrupt the mobile phone signals around them.

Cell phone blockers have different characteristics as well – each zapper blocks different frequencies, so if you are about to buy one, then you should learn the frequencies at which the mobile service providers in your area work. There are also jammers which cover more than one frequency, but these are the more expensive models which offer many other functions as well.

Desktop jammers are quite affordable and they are currently the most powerful jammers available on the market. Each model has a different working area and they can easily cover distances from couple of hundreds meters up to several kilometers. Desktop frequency blockers were designed especially for home use. You can also use them at your office to ensure that your corporate information is safe.

The construction of cell phone jammers is quite simple and it can be divided in three main parts:

 - Antenna
 - Circuitry
 - Power supply

The circuitry contains several things – a voltage-controlled oscillator, tuning circuit, noise generator and RF amplification.

The mobile phone frequency blocker has become a rather popular gadget and nowadays many people own such a device due to its affordability and convenience. These devices can be helpful in many situations – disrupting the signal during an exam in order to prevent cheating, disrupting the signal in a prison in order to prevent the inmates from illegally contacting their acquaintances on the outside, etc. Both desktop and portable jammers have their pros and cons and we can’t give you an accurate answer of the question “Which is better?” Rate your requirements and expectations and base your choice on this information.

Our products

MONSTRO10 Portable 10 Frequency Bands Jammer

This hand-held signal jammer works with the most common frequencies such as GSM, 3G, GPS, GLONASS, CDMA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. MONSTRO10 will jam them in 15 meters (50 feet) radius! With MONSTRO10 signal jammer you can be sure that you will never need another jammer!

All Cellular Frequencies Portable Jammer | G5

Universal portable jammer G5 is our most up-to-date jammer. It is able to work with all cellular frequencies that are in wide use such as 2G, 3G and 4G! Using this signal blocker you will jam all the phones in the area including HTC EVO 4G and a new iPhone 5!

Five Bands Adjustable Cell Phone Jammer | RCJ40-D

The new powerful five bands adjustable cell phone signal jamming device will protect you from all wireless threats in a 40 meters (130 feet) radius! This jammer is one of our strongest devices! RCJ40-D is a perfect solution for home and office wireless security system.

Strong Portable 3G Cell Phone Jammer | SFC15

Portable 3G cell phone jammer will be really handy when you will have the necessity to jam all the cell phones in the area quickly and transparently. The combination of price, power, jamming radius and jammed frequencies makes this jammer perfect for self-defence from modern wireless threats!

Pocket 3G GSM CDMA Signal Jammer | Albatross

Albatross cell phone signal blocker is designed especially for transparent use. It is small and can be easily hidden. Its cell phone like design will let you use it while holding in your hands! It's small jamming radius will allow you to use it in public places without interrupting emergency system's work!